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Dream Layers

This was taken from flight over Himalayas. Was difficult because of sun flare and had to adjust the lens position on the window-pane to somehow minimise the flare. Later used photoshop to lean the flare spots.

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Your efforts were well rewarded, Jassi! Beautiful image. Hard to tell at first glance if they're clouds or mountains, which is part of its appeal for me. Well done.

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Thanks a lot Chris. Much appreciated

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Just wonderful Jassi!

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Thanks Alan

Vivek Chauhan's picture

sir ji ..kmaal kr dia aapne

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Thanks a lot Vivek

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Amazing photo🤩🤩👌

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Many thanks Hans. Truly appreciate

Roger Hølmen's picture

This is so good, layers upon layers... I love it!

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Many thanks

Dg9ncc /portable's picture

It's simply phantastic!