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The Maloja Trails

The Maloja Pass is a very famous road of the Grisons area in Switzerland. This shot contains 27 pictures. One for the road and the landscape, one for the sky and 25 for the trails. I spent 2h30 at the place to get all wanted pictures.

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Beautiful picture!

Thanks Gregory

What a shot. World class!

Thanks, that's very kind 👍🏻

Wow, lot of light trails. Really moody.

Thanks Jens. Yes, 25 pictures for the trails 😅

Time well spent.

Yes indeed 😅

Nice shot!

Thanks 👍🏻

Great shot and use of combining that many images, scrolling through the page I knew this had to be the Maloja, just down there on the right is a the San Gaudenzio, bueatiful old church. I can't think of a better place to shoot than Grisons

Thanks 👍🏻

Best one I have seen! Thank you for the description as well, truly inspiring.

Thanks Kris, you are welcome for the description 👍🏻

terrific capture