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Glances to the pass

Photo taken on the second day of the trip I recently made through the Swiss and French Alps. We had a long walk to get here. About 4 hours walking through this wonderful canyon, surrounded by immense walls. You have to add how beautiful it was thanks to the autumn.

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bua... esq ese puente es brutal, menudo color pillasteis

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feliz de que te guste, para ser la primera vez que hago un puente no fue nada mal ehhh jajajaja gracias bro

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Beautiful shot, gratz!

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Thank you so much dude

Michele Buttazzoni's picture

Great composition as always my friend! Amazing light!

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Thanks a lot Michele

Fabrice Petruzzi's picture

Lovely shot bro !🙌

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Thank you so much man

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¡Muy guapa Jabi! Cómo os gusta dar envidia.

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jajaja dar envidia, por?

Lionel Fellay's picture

nice one ! :-)

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Thanks a lot mate

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Beautiful picture!

jabi sanz's picture

Thanks a lot Gregory

Jassi Oberai's picture

What a beauty Jabi.. You amaze with your images

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So glad you like it, thank you so much

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