Creative Headshot

180mm · f/4.0 · 1/250s · ISO 250
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Alex Zenzaburro's picture

At first i was like "why is he cutting the upper head?" but then i saw on the other photos that its just your style to cut the head of portraits which is awkward to say the least ^^

I would throw them all away.

Fahad Hassan's picture

Why you gotta be all that negative bro. Rafal is one of the best Headshot photographers I've came across. Him and Dylan Patrick do magic with just speedlights. And here you are downtalking others work while you have none in your Portfolio. SHAME

Rafal Wegiel's picture

Thank You for kind words.

Alex Zenzaburro's picture

oh come on ... photography is an art form.

If you post something and show it to the world you will get feedback, easy as that.

Its a matter of different tastes, no need to fight for his honour here :)

I just don't like it if you cut the top of every head, and i really would throw them away if i do that by mistake, but it seems to be his style which is completely bejond me.

Rafal Wegiel's picture

Thank You for your feedback even I simply don't agree with you.

Matt PZ's picture

My eye works the same way as Rafal's when I view his excellent headshots - negative space above the head is not required for me and makes the shot look unbalanced. It's all personal taste of course, but for me if you'd throw all these away you'd be wasting great shots