@diversityfashionweek aftershots.. what a good day!!
@modelsensi for @dma_models
Wings by @moniquedesar_venlo & @mystic_fantasy_creations
Hair by @hairbyfarleyangelo
Make-up @aaron_delucoire
Photography @defotograafsanne
Shot in the studio of @schwab.marcel

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Tom Reichner's picture

How great it must be to shoot such a spectacular looking model!

I especially like that her hair, the wings, and the bikini bottom are all jet black. This keeps the color palette quite simple, which I believe is extremely effective.

The only nit-pick I have is that the junction of her right shoulder and back looks a bit awkward, because of the way she is positioned. If she were posed so that we could not see the back side of her shoulder it would result in a more pleasing aesthetic.

Overall, I absolutely love it!

Have you worked with this model on other occasions? Does she have a website or an Instagram that you could share with us?

Sanne van Bergenhenegouwen's picture

Thank you Tom!
What wonderful and helpful feedback, I really appreciate it!
I have actually mentioned her Instagram handle in the description, it's: https://www.instagram.com/modelsensi/ very much worth a look.
I've worked with her a few times, definitely love shooting with her, she's one of my favourite people to work with for sure!

Tom Reichner's picture

Thanks! I didn't see her Insta in the description ..... sometimes I overlook things that should be obvious.

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John Hicks's picture

Terrific composition

Eric Mazzone's picture

Are the wings just resting against her back, instead of her wearing them? If she's wearing them how did you remove the straps?

Sanne van Bergenhenegouwen's picture

Jup, exactly that! Because I could sort of balance them against her when she was sitting down I decided to save myself the trouble of having to photoshop any straps out

Alton Herrera's picture

Great Shot!