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In the sunlight

There is a spruce tree named a Christmas tree in Biei, Hokkaido. Even in the harsh winter of Hokkaido, a tree stands on a snowy field. The sunlight illuminates the tree and creates a beautiful shadow.

The moment when the snowstorm changes to sunny is beautiful.

Take continuous bracket shots by hand and prepare 3 images with different exposures for HDR composition. A high-pass filter is used to obtain the texture of snow. Dodge & Burn is used for highlight shadows.

24mm · f/16 · 1/1000 · ISO 100
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This is such a great shot and tastefully processed as well. Great job!

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Thank you so much!

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The texture in the snow is insane. Great play of light and shadow. I really looks bizzare, because there's no snow on the tree.

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Thank you very much!

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Thanks for explaining your technique and workflow.

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Thanks a lot! Ed:)

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Wow, that’s a fantastic pic! And thank you for the brief explanation as well.

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Thank you for your pleasant comment!

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Thanks for the detailed description of the stunning capture, really nice mood and nice light!!

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Many thanks!Andres Puiggros!

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Absolutely splendid! I don't know what it is about lone trees in fields, but I have always loved them.

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Thank you so much!!

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Time to remember.Well done!

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Many thanks!

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I liked it until I noticed the tree looked like a plastic Christmas tree

Roy Iwasaki's picture

I like this artistic expression. I want to make a work that has pros and cons rather than what everyone likes. Thank you for your valuable opinion.

Pete Peterson's picture

Your welcome. The tranquil mood that your photos elicit is on another level. Well done!!

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So good the way you process the light is amazing, love your work dude