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Rafael Orczy's picture

Great image!

Victor Hamke's picture

Thanks Rafael

Giovanni Bernardo's picture

Whow, amazing beautifoul!

Jeremie Montessuis's picture

Fantastic work!

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Roberto Sali's picture

I LOVVVVE This Photo is fantastic.
I like from the perspective of dress to the composition of it.

Nicolas Ramos's picture

Good shot

Isaiah Davis's picture

love the mood

Sheldon Steele's picture

This is stunning! Great job!

Elizabeth Cox's picture

Wow, I LOVE this! LOVE! How did you do this??

Daniel Laan's picture

Strong comp, even better atmosphere. Very gloomy and malevolent; just the way I like them. Nice, Vic!

Eli Kö's picture

tres bien!

Markus Aspegren's picture

This is really beautiful. Love how the fabric creates the line to the model. The tree is also really nice detail. Nice edit!

Yucel Basoglu's picture

S U P E R B !!!!

Christian Ortiz's picture

Such an amazing image. It looks like we are looking into someone's dream.

Scott Edwards's picture

Really love this... thanks for sharing.

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