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dragon temptation

we wanted to shood this headpiece more like a conceptual to incorporate a little story with the goal to keep it pretty dark but yet tempting and elegant (so to speak)

feel free to tell if I succeded, if you like it, if you would change something or if you have any questions about gear, lighting and so on =)

Photography: Daniel Hager - Commercial Photographer
Model: Antonia Nathalia
Headdress: Posh Fairytale Couture
MakeUp: Rachel Sigmon Master Cosmetologist
Retouch: Edgeworld - Photo & Retouch

Hasselblad H3D-39
120mm · f/5.6 · 1/500s · ISO 50
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Love it !!!

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thank you =)

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Where can I find these great outfits?

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That is a good question. I am lucky to have this amazing head dress designer living not to far from where I live and I can rent or shoot her latest creations =)

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Everything works here. The only thing I would want more on this images are detail on the eyes, but I'm just nitpicking there, so still 5 star for me.

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Beatutiful Shot!!!!....I would have liked (My Preference) to have seen a lil more of her face towards the camera.....But if your idea was to make me want more...You Did That Thang!!....Beautiful!!

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hey hey, whe just quickly grabbed some shots to show the headpiece. it was at the end of a shoot so the headdress disigner could get some pieces shot to have them sold =)
For that reason I am pretty satisfied with the outcome =)

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That headpiece is amazing! You have definitely done it justice, looks great.

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I have to admit, it is impressive, therefore you cannot do much wrong =)

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This.... is absolutely stunning. And I want to see more like it. Well done to you and your team.

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thank you!! =)

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awesome !!

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thx. appreciate it! =)

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Off the charts.

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thank you Paul!! =)

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An impressive photo - yes. An impressive headpiece - yes. Both exhibit a deep understanding by the individual practitioners of their craft. The sort of photo that gets me excited - no.

Don't be offended. That is just my opinion, you and others have different opinions; they are just that, different - not wrong.

What I do like however, and whether it was deliberate or not I don't know, is the (to my mind) very classical Cleopatra-like profile and make-up. Now, please DO NOT misunderstand me, I am NOT suggesting Antonia has a large nose - far from it, but the pointed eye make-up; accentuated black eyebrow; dark eyelids; almost pouting lips; high and accentuated cheeks, all evoke Cleopatra. To me it was instant. So much so I took that in before the headpiece. For me the headpiece is secondary, something to support the model, not the other way around. Have you failed - No. You've produced a great photo that tells me a different story than you may have intended.

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I would definitely say you succeeded!

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Great picture and inspiration for me. I really wanna know about the Lighting :) thanks!