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120mm · f/7.1 · 1/640s · ISO 250
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The composition isn't right in this photo.
You almost split the frame 50-50 between land & sky, and also cut abruptly an interesting building on the upper right corner of the frame.

If your "subject" is the beach, you should've framed your shot a little more to the left to exclude the building on the top of the hill.

Given that the sky wasn't really interesting, you should allocate 2/3 of the frame to the ground and 1/3 to the sky.

Using a ND filter for a long exposure would give you a nicer image all in all, you'd get rid of the people on the beach & the hill, you'd get a "buttery smooth" water and capture some movement of the clouds.

From what I'm seeing from your current photo, a better composition and subject would've been the building on the top right.

See that path people are going up the hill ?
That on the bottom center of the frame, with the building on top a little bit off-center to the right with some people going up the hill, a much more pleasing composition & image even under dull lighting conditions.

Hope you captured such a shot!