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The Face Of The Crowd 1

We see them every day in thousands, all around us, yet we ignore them. - The people who form the working class of society. The blue-collar workers- The dhobi, The cleaner, The Labour, The trader, The thelawala, The Rikshawwala, The butcher, The fisherman, The florist, The priest, The carpenter, The ironsmith, The migrant workers, The human forklifts, and the many more like them.
They are the people who keep our life moving every day. We live with convenience and solace because of them, but we hardly remember how they look, what they speak, or their identity.

I created this project to give a face to each faceless individual of this crowd in context to the surrounding they live in.

A migrant boy looking at the camera from behind smoke on a winter Kolkata street early in the morning.

Fuji XT100
3.5-5.6 · f/3.5 · 1/180s · ISO 200
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