I was working in the restaurant one Christmas and there was a table of 5 ladies dinning. As a photographer I always notice if somebody has a face ready for camera ! One of them women was Sandra. When she was about to leave I could not help it and I gave her my business card saying that I would love to take portraits of her.
I actually then found out she is a makeup artist and was having a Christmas dinner with her colleagues.

We organised the photoshoot. Sandra was supposed to model along with another 3 girls. I had a makeup artist who unfortunately could not join us in the end so I asked Sandra if she would want to do the makeup as well as model.

Obviously, she said yes! So after New Year we met up in my home studio and a whole day session started.

She crushed all the looks and I was very very pleased. In the end she managed to do a light makeup for herself and finally got in front of the camera.
We were all pretty knackered by then, but we managed to get some lovely portraits.

I submitted some to the magazines and we got published in few. Girls could not be any happier.

I just can't wait to work with Sandra again and I am sure we will make a day out of it. Her skin is just to kill for and I would be really lucky to photograph her again.

92mm · f/11.0 · 1/125s · ISO 640
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