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Spring is here

That's what we thought last week until the snow came back in switzerland ... I had a shot of this kind in my mind since a long time ago but never had the right conditions to make it work.

When I woke up this day looking at my window and the swiss weather forecast I wasn't really motivated to drive more than 2 hours for a shot,but said to my friend Fabrice Petruzzi ok here we go.

I decided to go on site one hour before as planned to be able to inform him if we had to change plans.

My flight simulator virtual reco (not a joke) was a success as I was able to find the spot only 50 m as planned 🤣.

This shot is quiet technical with the use of focus
stacking with my manual laowa 9 mm f2.8 the flowers were also moving in to the wind 😓.

We were really blessed with the light as a strong sun ray hit the field for some seconds.

fujifilm x-t3
9mm · f/11 · mixed one · ISO mixed one
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Beautiful! Love your work!

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Thank you so much for your comment ! :-)

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