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This is an image of a small mountain stream called Landamótsá and 688 meter tall Hánefstaðarfjall mountain in the background. I´m always interested in the backstory of the places I find beautiful and picturesque. However, not always these places are well known or properly recorded, so finding this backstory can be quite tedious. This place in particular was a bit of a struggle, but here is what I was able to unearth.

The name is mentioned in the Reykdæla saga. There a man named Hánefur lived in Óþveginstunga. He was described as a rich person who was involved in multiple disputes with other settlers as well as accused of stealing. I haven't gone through the whole saga, but he seems like an interesting character.

Backstory number 2. Recently discovered a rare silicate mineral called Garronite-Ca can be found near Hánefur mountain. This new zeolite is closely related to phillipsite and gismondite and has been found in Antrim county in Ireland and east Iceland. Zeolites are microporous, aluminosilicate minerals commonly used as commercial adsorbents and catalysts. These minerals for example can be used to filter water and other liquids.

Finally, if someone is in the mood for a dark, melodic soundscapes composed of strings and piano, I strongly recommend to give a listen to English musician Richard Skelton. One of his works is named Hánefstaðarfjall, and was given while he was recording his material in Iceland.

Hánefstaðarfjall, Iceland
Nikon D810, Irix 11mm


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