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Katra (EM526370.png)

I started a new project where I'm shooting different kinds of dancers and artists. This is from the second photo shoot (where the themes were aerial acrobatics and light painting).

I took this photo with Live Composite feature where I manually triggered the my Godox AD200 flash right before finishing the exposure.

If you want to read more and see more photos, you can do just that by clicking the following link and go to my blog post: https://teemup.net/blog/katra-solopuro-2021-01/ (scroll down for the English version)

Model: Katra Solopuro ( https://katrasolopuro.com )

Gear used:
- Olympus E-M5III + M.Zuiko 12-40mm f/2.8 PRO
- Godox AD200

Camera settings: ISO-200 | f/13 | 1/2 s (Live Composite)

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