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Model posed for this shot using just one strobe/modifier.

160mm · f/5.0 · 1/200s · ISO 100
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Very striking image! The tantalisation, showing just enough of the model to give the viewer some idea how she looks, but leaving most to guesswork, adds a lot to the image. To my mind the pose, the lighting, and the composition are masterful (mistressful?). Great job, PD!

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Thank you. She comes out once a month for a session. Great fun and with such grace.

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A woman’s beauty is not exclusively in her appearance. Oh yes, I have met in my life beautiful women without substance and beautiful women who radiate love, sophistication and sex appeal with every movement that is a melody of pure femininity, the unstressed ones, the ones that can only be felt in the tingles that end in a man’s fingertips. This femininity comes from the beauty that lurks inside, this magnetic energy subtly radiates with the realization of one’s own attraction. I am, I am a woman. The one who has to meet all the norms that millennia have imposed on her as a burden, the one who fights even when all other struggles are in vain.
She who knows that only through her will can the universe flourish with new life, renew itself and move on. And all this with a smile, that brushstroke of the gods who created her as the most magnificent being that exists. Seemingly fragile, delicate and the only ornament with which a man can completely spice up life, and deep inside a volcano of ideas and intelligence that alone can change the world for the better.
She doesn’t ask questions because she already knows the answers in advance, she wipes away tears and tries to decorate the world with a defiant smile of beauty. She doesn't care that she fell, but if anyone saw her fall, she senses deep inside the energies that are running invisible among people, she knows. In every meteor that catches the Earth's atmosphere and burns like a suddenly extinguished candle, she will see a shooting star and wish for the realization of her most intimate dreams that she has never even mentioned to anyone. She is a valuable secret revealed through hundreds of lives. Simply; she is a woman.

Great photo!

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Wow! Beautifully written... I shared this post with the model. She loves it. Thank you so much.

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I send a lot of greetings to the models.