Temperatures are rising in Switzerland,the waterfalls are growing with the melting snow up in the mountains.

It's already the fourth time I visit this spot since last October.

2 times it was not enough water flowing, 1 time the parking lot was completly crowded and we decided to abort, and this time ... It was too much water with a lot of spray coming from the waterfalls.

But this time, I had the drone :-). I said to me, you have nothing to loose and it's a not common way to shoot this place.

I put the ND32 filter flew and started to manually build my bracketted vertical panorama, I came back to land the drone.

At this moment, I though : "no way it's gonna work, the drone is certainly not able to manage long exposures correctly with enough dynamic to recover the high lights of the waterfall and the assembly of the panorama is certainly going to be a disaster".

I was wrong and I'm really happy that I was :-)

Dji Air 2 S
24 · f/2.8 · multiple ones · ISO 160
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