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When I woke up that day, the weather wasn't encouraging and the forecast wasn't better neither. But it was a small window of good weather around 8 PM 1 hour before sunset, especially around the end of the Lake Geneva near the Chillon Castle.

It was a good news as the spot was fairly easy to reach, only 45 min of driving, parking the car, and shooting.

But they 2 problems with this spot:
1) The spot is an ultra classic from and switzerland and never found a slightly different composition from what other are doing and that I'm happy with.
2) Have a good weather to shoot the place, it was always flat boring grey skey or totally bluesky.

But this time it was different, I had a good feeling with the rich sky, and arriving early I had enough time to found and tune the composition.

Finally after 6 years of trying, this one was a good one ... never give up they said ...

fujifilm x-t3
11mm · f/10 · multiple ones · ISO 160
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