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Horse fly

June 22, 2021
90mm · f/8.0 · 1/250s · ISO 250
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Wow, how do you like the lens? Did you have additional lighting?

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The lens is the best macro lens I have used ( and used a few). Used an on camera flash with a home made diffuser

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Thanks so much Skyler. I’m sold on buying the lens now. Do you think having a flash is a must to make the most of the lens? I don’t have one but unsure what to consider as the total cost.

Absolutely breathtaking images btw.

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Thank you. I am sure you can take really great images without a flash. I take 98% of my macro images with flash. Using a macro lens you get very thin depth of field due to the close focusing distance. If you are planning on using it for very close subjects, and you need to be at F8 the a flash is a must. I use Godox speed lights and they are very good and affordable .if you use it on camera you won’t need a transmitter and a good diffuser you can make yourself

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Thanks so much again Skyler. I've heard about the Godox speed lights and seems like I should go in that direction. I know nothing about flash and need to read more about what a transmitter and diffuser is.

Looks like there are tons of Godox speedlights. Is there one you would recommend?

Thanks again. I love the photos you've taken and really want to get into macro but don't want to spend a bunch buying stuff before getting good at understanding how I'd use it.

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Any Good speed light will work. My favorite is the V1 and second favorite is V860. It you are just getting into macro and not sure about it I would recommend getting a speed light and a Raynox 250 filter ( if you already own a 50mm lens.) The raynox 250 attached to a 50 mm lens will allow you to take macro images. you will get a little vignette but in macro you usually end up cropping that out. That filter is around 65$ and if you like taking macro images you will for sure use it in the feature ( if you get a dedicated macro lens). you can attached to your macro lens and get 2x magnification. ( I do this often). The speed light is very good to use and you will make use of it. I would say lightning is the most important in photography. Way more important that camera or lenses. The speed light might seem intimidating but its very easy to use. A transmitter is a little device that sits in top of your camera if you want to use your light off camera. The transmitter is what makes your light and camera communicate to each other. For macro I use light on camera so transmitter is not necessary . Also when buy a light make sure is made for your camera make (Sony if that's what you use). Diffuser is like a soft box that you put on a light to soften the light and make it pretty light ( just like golden hour light is better that harsh noon light). I hope this helps, let my know if you have any questions, I am happy to help.

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How can i repay the kind favor :)

Thank you so much again. This is all stuff I didn't know anything about and you explained it so well.

I did end up buying the 90mm macro last night and it should be here in a week. It looks like the V1 is better, but am only assuming that because of price.

I got you on the raynox filter. Am going to keep that in my back pocket - ahead of this I want to buy the 1.4x for my 100-400 lens. But maybe with the macro and that the filter is cheaper I should buy it first.

Yep, I am very very not great at portraits and lighting. All my pictures have been based on natural lighting because I understand it. But even looking at the picture of the little girl you have in the gallery it shows that it is very well lit. Something I need to start watching videos/guides on.

I'm going to start getting familiar with the macro and probably buy a speed light next. And once I get better images I'll start going deeper into purchases.

Btw, I took this picture on the 100-400 and it made me realize how much I want to play with a macro: https://fstoppers.com/photo/568284

Thanks again Skyler.

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This is a very beautiful image. I love the 100-400mm lens. Especially the very close focusing distance. I have the 1.4x and 2x teleconverter but never really using them. If I need more reach I use the 200-600.
The godox v1 is almost same power as the V860. The main difference is the round head( which I prefer). Also because of the magnetic attachments it makes it really easy to use gels. Can’t wait to see the images you will get with your new lens. And seriously, if you have any questions, I would be happy to help. I had much help when I first started from Instagram friends and don’t mind helping others

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I would totally love help. So far just been reading and watching. And learning after making many many mistakes. I was telling someone else I don't have the technical aspect / science behind the art yet and am really curious to get better.

Just with the terms you are using, I got a chance to learn up on speed lights, filters, gels, etc.

Btw, by diffuser did you mean an attachment on the lens like this:


I was thinking it was an external apparatus like those giant light boxes but with softer light.

Thanks again.

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There are many ways to diffuse light. The dome is ok but not best. You can make your own or you can buy them. They come in many forms: bounce flash, soft box, I can’t figure out how to attach a photo, I would show you some of my diffusers that I like

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this is splendid macro congrats :)