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Hoodie girl

Shot on a cool winter day

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Good light and composition. You could have ask the model to move at leas two step away from the back to have a dept and separation if you cant open your aperture more.

Good point Jaydie ! Thanks for the comment !

I came across absimilar shot from Dani Diamond here at fstopper titled Vanessa you might want to use it as a reference https://fstoppers.com/photo/45151. I want to take something like this too.

I like Dani's work a lot ! He does shoot with D800 + good prime lens ... I shoot with a borrowed Canon 60D (my old Canon 40D just died on me) :-) Have a nice day !

Yes, those prime lenses are really making a difference. My current shots are also from a borrowed 6d. I often go here and look for amazing shots from other photographers and use them as my inspiration.