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Outdoor Studio Portrait in Washington DC Area

I love the look of shooting through tall grass with a long lens. But that look is not achieve-able in studio where I prefer to shoot and the views behind the tall grass are not always the best.

So I decided bring my favorite large canvas backdrop out with me and setup a studio outside.

Backlit by the sun I setup a Profoto Pro B2 camera left with a photek softlighter to fill in the shadows

On the tripod was my Hasselblad 2003FCW with a Phase one P45 attached for digital capture and a Zeiss Tele-Tassar 250mm f4 lens.

I shot this at f/4 ISO50 1/90 shuttter speed which is the max flash sync on the Hasselblad FCW.

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or my instagram which has some behind the scenes of this shot.


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