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In the tall grass

Bride Iwona.

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There is a lot of obvious things to like in this photo. it has interesting light, great location, top edit, and other things. But the main reason that this photo is top photo is the not the obvious things. its what we are seeing here and what the story behind the posture of this lady and the bouquet of flowers in the middle of this hidden place. I believe it well planned by the photographer and it just amazing. It gives the viewer lot of places to wander and imagine. It’s easy for me to wander and start to imagine this is a bride in her wedding day, and from all the stress maybe she run away and hide in this place. the way she bands her neck and look up feels to me like she hearing that people looking for her. In short – Great image that giving full unresolved story. Well done. (edit: and only now i read in your description that she indeed a bride).

I guess there is some OCF up there. Well done all around.

nope, natural light

Congrats on Photo of the Day!