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85mm · f/5.0 · 1/160s · ISO 100
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I like the contrasty post-process on this version. The extended range on this feels exciting...like caffeine.

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Thank you so much for your kind words. I really appreciate it

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Love it. It's a great shot fit for any food blog or as a print on a coffeeshop wall and it looks so delicious!

I actually just read in your bio that you just started photography in 2018. Wow. That's just incredible!
Your shots are fantastic through and through.

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Thank you so much Stefan. This is so encouraging! Most times I photograph things and have no idea if it’s a decent shot or not so it’s always fun to get some feedback. Really this is the only reason I joined Fstoppers. It’s true, only started in 2018 . I love photography so much I pretty much took photos every day since 2018 ( maybe missed a handful of days). So much to learn but it’s fun to look back and see improvement. Recently I got interested in food photography ( I like the idea that you can shoot any time any season without having to go anywhere). Recently I built a studio in my house and planing on making full use of it!

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I totaly get everything you say. I also love to look back at my earliest shots from 2012 and see the improvement. I started out shooting pretty much everything and now narrowed it down to either city-/landscapes or more and more people photography. Sometimes I take pictures all the time then I have times where I don't take anything for weeks and weeks. But the thrill always comes back.

With posting on fstoppers or Instagram I just want to see how other people like my pictures. That's just part of the process for me - sharing my work.

Funnily enough I also set up a spare room in my house as a studio 2 years ago which - in my mind - got my photography and set building to another level. I'm sure you will love the freedom of having a separate space for your photos too (not that you need to get to another level. I think you're already top tier ;-))