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Lone Pine Engagement Session

I had a client contact me that they wanted to do a session in the desert where they camp out often. It was a significant location to them, and since I don't mind driving to places I haven't seen before, I was on board. I met them up in a tiny town called Lone Pine, California. I knew being that far away from the city the stars would look amazing at night. So after shooting for some time, it finally got dark enough. Since I was by myself on this shoot I set my camera up on a tripod (D800 with Tokina 16-28mm lens). I set the timer and as it was recording light (20 seconds), I lit them for about 2-3 seconds of that. There was a bare flash behind the car at very low power with no gel because I wanted the blue color. Before I took the photo with the couple in it I showed them the shot. With shots like these I try to do is get them on my side: by showing them how cool the stars look they get excited to make it work and hold very still.

Nikon D800
16mm · f/2.8 · 20" · ISO 3200
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nice one