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I love staring into your eyes

As the sun slowly dipped below the horizon [leaving only hints of colors in the sky] I found the perfect opportunity to capture this photo. I kept telling myself, "Take your time... focus on the details... make it perfect."

So, I positioned the couple into what I like to call the "power pose" while my 2nd photographer was placing the strobe light behind them (NOTE - I always leave the modeling lamp ON so I know exactly where the light is in relation to the subjects).

Now that their bodies were positioned, I started having them acting out a scene, like they were starring in their own movie. Meanwhile in the background, my 2nd photographer was dancing the smoke from the smoke grenade around frame

As I was clicking away, the pictures were coming out great. But, something was missing. Then, just when I had just enough smoke for the scene I noticed there wasn't enough detail showing the outline of the bride and groom's face! I had them each open there mouth and tilt their heads slightly. With that slight minor adjustment I have a photo I can personally be proud of!

Canon 5D Mark IV
28mm · f/4.5 · 1/200s · ISO 100
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Great photo!

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Thank you!