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Vintage Knock-Out Greg

Knock-Out Hreag, the great Swedish bluesman, here in a little retro style photo. I am very fond of the old style portraits, especially Hollywood legends like Bull, Hurrell etc. So at one time I invented a german photographer, Joseph P Lutz, who started a studio in Glendale, California, after fleeing from Germany before the world war II. And after doing the full story I started to make his photographs and also made him a website , www.lutzimages.com ).

5d II
50 · f/2.8 · 160 · ISO 100
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Nice texture and crisp too. This probably look good in color too.

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Your tones and textures here are perfect. I rarely see Hollywood style headshots that look like they could have been shot in the 1940s. Nice work.

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Like this vintage portrait

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Great work! And great site!

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This is an excellent shot. This is a style from the early 1950 -1960. A classic shot in B&W. I grew up shooting b&w film. Thank you sharing this excellent image.

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Thank you.