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Porsche 911 Classic

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I'm jealous of everything in this shot and behind it! The car, the house, the apparent location, the sun, not to mention the composition, skill, and vision you had to create it!

Hey Tyler, thank you for your comment, I really appreciate it. Here's some fun facts about this photo, the house was shot while I was in a weekend escape in the countryside, in the UK. 8 months after this, I got to do a studio shoot with that Classic 911 Porsche. I felt that the car will look great in that place, so I've shot the car so I can place it there, in front of the garage.

To me the car looks a little too big unless those garage doors are extra small. And if you are going to take the effort to put this together, clean up the tire tracks on the driveway..

Very cool image. The only thing I find off-putting is the sharpness of the background in comparison to the car. Almost everything in the image feels more or less in focus. The shadow of the car is also at odds with the light in the rest of the shot.

The colors are really great, I particularly like the splash of orange in the trim that is mimicked in the Porsche's orange lights. I think it might be nice if there was some similar orange light coming from the garage and maybe from windows in the right of the frame.