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another view from the north coast of spain, when I was there in 2018, I directly headed down there next to the beach, and wasn't inspired at all I really struggled to find composition with a sense
and came back with nothing.

This year, when we came back I started to go down the stairs again, with a new hope to find a composition, in the middle of the stairs I said to my friend Fabrice ... "I stop here, I know it's not gonna be worth for me ... " he continued to go down and I
decided to go up to work on something I managed to scout before.

The composition to achieve a balance between the layers was complicated (espically with these ferns going in all directions).

And without the definitive sunset the light came it was difficult to see if it was going to be worth.

Seeing the result, i think it was the case, the light was beautiful this evening and the atmosphere really peaceful in this small piece of "jungle".

fujifilm x-t3
18mm · f/11 · multiple ones · ISO 160
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