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Coca Cola

The main purpose of this image was to give me the opportunity to work on my bottle dressing skills. Trying to perfect the look of artificial condensation and ice is an art form all in itself, one that I am sure I will be trying to perfect for a long time. The condensation effect was achieved by using a mix of Glucose (corn syrup) and water with a 50/50 ratio. I then added some extra large drops with a brush using 100% Glucose. Once I was happy with the set and lighting I gave it a final spritz of pure water to cause some droplet runs. For the background I used seamless paper, however, I cut a piece off for the surface so that I could get some distance between the subject and background. This is something that I prefer to do as I find it gives me more control over the lighting.

Canon 5D Mark IV
105mm · f/11 · 1/160 · ISO 100
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