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Apple Unwrapped

For this image I wanted to take an ordinary, boring subject and try to make it interesting.

View a speed edit of it here :
Photoshop Speed Edit - Apple Unwrapped: http://youtu.be/bVQ82QUWd3s

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Steve Gould's picture

I love this kind of shot. I'd be very interested in knowing how you did it.

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Thanks for the feedback, I've included a link to the video in the description

Anthony Karani's picture

Great shot... would love to see how you did it.

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Thank you, link is now in the description.

Keegan Evans's picture

Good God yes. This is epic! Would love to see BTS!

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Thank you so much, wish I can say that its straight out of camera, but there was alot of photoshop involved, check out the link above.

Alessio Lupo's picture

good job

Vincent Bourrut's picture

Nice job !

Morten Opedal's picture

Very nice and loved the way you pulled this off. Excellent Photoshop work.

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Thanks alot man, there was a lot of trial and error involved, but eventually I got something I was happy with

Jon Wolding's picture

Wow, I thought this was practical.
A very seamless photoshop job - that's the best kind. Kudos!

Mujtaba Sayed's picture

Thanks Jon :)

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