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"Italia 2015"

Italy has long been proclaimed as one of the world’s most alluring destinations, synonymous with fashion, art, glamour and style. This iconic location provided the ultimate setting for photographer Paul Giggle’s latest installment of his 12 NATURAL WONDERS Calendar art series. http://www.12naturalwonders.com

“I set out to capture the essence of the Italian woman. I found myself inspired to portray beauty in provocative monochrome. It was my desire for the women in these artworks to be photographed in amazing lingerie and convey an expression of form that is both timeless and playful.”

Paul’s Italia collection features a series of twelve breathtakingly beautiful, high contrast black and white images of some of the most intriguing women Italy has to offer. The series depicts women who embody strength in seduction and empowerment in exploration.

Featuring Charlie Austin, Ivana Mrazova, Tamara Aranha all wearing Intimissimi Bra, Masks by Giles Deacon For Ann Summers, Hoisery by Giradi and Shoes by SI-V Milano

You can see the latest campaign video here:


and the NSFW - Behind The Scenes video here:


A special thanks to my team.

Assisted by Brock McFadzean - http://www.brockmcfadzean.com
Styling by Joshua Scacheri from ID Couture
Hair by Stefano De Barberi from Cotrilspa
Makeup by Tonia Calzerano
BTS Footage from Andrea Bertolotti
Models from 2morrowmodel Milan, Italy.

Leica S2
55mm · f/16.0 · 1/90s · ISO 320
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Sergio Tello's picture

So good!

Paul Giggle's picture

Thanks Serigo! It was a pleasure photographing in such a stunning location

Erwan Ermel's picture

So Helmut Newton :) Love it

Paul Giggle's picture

He was definitely one of the inspirations for this shoot

Ian Gordon's picture

This is one of the most... Lush I would have to say, black and white images that I have seen in a long time. Subject matter aside, the tones that you have achieved here make my hands tremble. Every single shade of gray (no pun intended) is represented here. The blacks snap. Not a mushy tone anywhere. The first thing that came to mind when I saw this was "the colors man. The colors". This image is alive, vivid, vibrant and bursting with color. (ex. the chairs and rugs) The tones on the skin alone make me want to set my camera on fire and walk away. (ex. the center model's right forearm and thigh. the standing model's left shoulder and hip. the skin tones through the stockings.) So much dimension and depth. This image lives and breaths. Every shade clearly delineated. This is what I dream of for my b/w photography. The posing is natural and relaxed. There is so much intent in their faces. The light is sculpted. And before I forget. Very sexy image. The models are beautiful. Amazing work. Solid, SOLID image. In a word DAMN man. Hot shit.

Paul Giggle's picture

Thank you for your kind words Ian.

J Maloney's picture

I love the photo. I just really, really get tired of all the fashion models holding cancer sticks in their hands. It adds nothing and promotes unhealthy living. Cigarettes are a crappy excuse for a prop. I assume the cigarette companies are paying for product placement based on the astounding number of thin models seen smoking in ads and editorials. Rant over.

Greg Desiatov's picture

Stunning image

Joseph Cattano's picture

I sense Helmut Newton!

John Hicks's picture

Terrific idea giving a victorian scene to the picture