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Tequila Alacrán

This was a self-assigned portfolio project using this gorgeous matte black bottle and ink. Primarily finished in Photoshop with a few touches in Affinity Photo (Beta). The bottle was shot with different lighting options to allow for maximum flexibility in post. The ink was shot seperately and later composited with the bottle, merging in and out. The idea is to make the viewer debate whether the bottle is being consumed, or born.

Phase One P45+ and Canon 5D3.
100mm · f/11 · 1/125 · ISO 100
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Hi Jake. Love your photos, but this one is really impressive. Thanks for sharing.

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Thanks Carlos. This one's hot off the press.. just finished it up last week. It was a challenging but rewarding image. I had to start over a few times because it was easy to go overboard. I wanted it to feel elegant and it was easy to charge right past that.

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This is brilliant!

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many thanks Mujtaba

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cheers, Adam!

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i don't know if the green and purple are intended to be there or it's just lens fringing, but I think it gives the image more depth.Subtle.
Awesome job

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Yep, the fringing was added intentionally in post. After looking at a few options with a friend we decided to keep it. The fringing combined with the slight blurring on the edges made the image start to creep into the scientific (almost specimen jar) arena for me. It's subtle but I felt it added an extra layer of interest, even if it's all to the subconscience.

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nice touch

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Do you have a behind the scenes / process of the photo? Would be mint if you did.

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Hey Mark, I don't really have any BTS (wasn't really thinking about doing it when shooting, etc.), but I have a few more looks and ideas over on Behance for this project that you might be interested in looking at: https://www.behance.net/gallery/23851647/Tequila-Alacran

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Really nice work, cool idea.

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Killer image man!

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Thanks Brian, cheers!

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Absolutely stunning images man. I love all of them but this in particular.
Could you elaborate for what purpose you used Affinity Photo instead of Photoshop ?
For a particular effect ? Or were you just curious how it would fit in your workflow ?

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Thanks Peter. Re: Affinity, Kind of both. Their warp tools are fantastic. Probably won't ever completely replace PS, but it's a useful supplemental tool.

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thanks for the info, Jake.
I have it already installed on my computer (great pricing!) but I did not really have the time to try it out. But maybe I will do that now.
Keep up the good work.