Last Saturday, the weather was very stormy.
With Lionel Fellay we spent the afternoon in the canton of Vaud to look for some pictures to take home. We started with a field of rapeseed, but unfortunately the conditions were not optimal for the desired subject. So we continued on a little waterfall that I introduced you a little while ago... And then we finished the afternoon on a spot that I had already photographed in 2017 during a sunset. This time the conditions were totally different. The rain was present, but a piercing light typical of thunderstorms.
Photographing in the rain is not obvious, on everything when you place 2 filters (a ND 6 plus a polarizer) and when the drops of water are deposited on it. You have to wipe constantly because otherwise it will show, and ruin the photo.

20 · f/11 · 3s · ISO 64
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