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Climate erosion the boundary condition

The ever creeping climate change organism, slowly consuming the nearby food sources here in Lund Sweden.

To your right the particle accelerator area, which is symbolic in the sense that Sweden just experienced massive electrical power imbalances this winter, spring and summer but still insisted on building a particle accelerator as far from a power source as possible.

In the center the medical hill, app hill, the everything hill where the hope of the nation toils away in their laboratories. In between us and the climate change activities the last bastion of balance represented by the fields of wheat and rape. Seed.

It might turn out to be the most expensive print every sold, which was my objective for buying a camera in the first place. Just the biggest, largest sale ever. No soul, no purpose other than the dough.

90mm · f/8.0 · 1/500s · ISO 64
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