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The Mechanic

Shot at Fotohaus 81 Thailand.
Model : Ms. Not
Lighting : 1 K4T main light, 2 nikon strobes left and right rear with color gels.

50mm · f/5.6 · 1/200s · ISO 100
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Cool image, like the gel on the lights really makes the photo. Great props and model...

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Thanks Robert, Ya adding gels makes the photo stand out a bit more , I knew all those speed lights would come in handy some day !! They make great lil kick lights !!

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Thanks for the info. I always look forward to new work from you.
I struggle to find models to try out work like this, any advice?

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Hi Robert, I live in Hong Kong , finding models here to do anything worth while is a total waste of time ! Chinese models are way to conservative , boring and want money for simple concepts ! So I choose not to shoot with them. I usually fly to Thailand or Manila to shoot models there, the models there are easy to work with and some will shoot for free in exchange for photos. Finding stylist and make up artist is also a big problem here in HK, they are all stuck in the wedding mode, boring make up and bland styling. Best stylist and make up artist are in both manila and thailand.

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cool, ok it works for you so keep doing it..

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Robert, I've had the pleasure of working with Not also, but your work completely blows me away, awesome! I am pretty good at finding models in Thailand, but I'm wondering how you find such extraordinary sets to do shots like this?

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Hi Paul , Themed studios are fairly common in Bangkok now, my set with Not was done at the original Fotohause owned by Khun Lungtu, he has an entirely new studio now which I have not been to yet. The old one had several themed sections to choose from one of which was the mechanics area. So many new studios have popped up in Bangkok recently, all with different themes to choose from, as photography has become so popular there, more will open next year.