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| Serit arbores, quae alteri saeclo prosint |

The more I visit this spot in the Blue Mountains NP, Australia the more connected to it I feel. While scouting the area for some astrophotography later in the night, I noticed some beautiful backlight starting to light up these trees and the rocky ridge. At the same time, the tangled but subtle background added a mystical and ethereal mood to the scene that really captured my eyes.

Canon R5
154mm · f/11.0 · 1/640s · ISO 800
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Forget your nightscapes, Jose Luis - this image craps on them. Your description captures well the appeal of this image to me, key words that resonated for me being subtle (is another curving Milky Way EVER subtle?), mystical and ethereal. The low-key undestatement, with soft, subtle highlights, and subdued colours (so Australian) particularly appeals.

Well, OK, do your nightscapes if you like... It's your life... ;-)

Love this one. And your persistence with your craft. Keep it up! Best wishes from you fellow Aussie.

Hahaha thanks for your words Chris! I do enjoy shooting astro but I like also challenge myself to get something different like this one. The next photo coming up will be a nightscape so I hope I can get your attention again and get some good words for it! Thanks again for your support!

Hope you don't find my s@#%-stirring offensive. All meant in friendly jest.


Fantastico amigo! good times