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Tongue Tied

Canon 7D
145mm · f/9.0 · 1/160s · ISO 100
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Yo bro. What light mod did you use on this? All I've got is a 23" umbrella but the reflective stuff ripped off. Do you think I'd be able to achieve that with what I have?

Hey Tanner!
For this shot I used a hair light about 45 degrees behind her. A large softbox just offset from the camera at full power. I believe there was also a reflector under the models face.

I'd think to achieve this with your umbrella, you should place the umbrella about 45 degrees or closer to the camera. Shoot full power and aim to create that little triangle of light under the eye. Use the reflective stuff you have to fill in some shadow on the darker side.
Maybe try shooting outside with the sunlight and your umbrella!

By the way, great skin retouching! Do you have an action for that you'd be able to send my way?

Thank you very much! Do you have photoshop?
If so it's as easy as a couple steps. E-mail me, I'll give you a quick breakdown because I don't use many actions ever.