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Tuscany beauty with epic sunset

When driving around in Tuscana, one thinks to it selfs: where should I stop to make a photo, because let’s face it; almost all places in Tuscany are beautiful and worth stopping.

We drove to a little chapel called Chapel Vitaleta, what should be a highlight, but, after so many tourist and photographers ( yes including me) have visited the place, the area is completely damages, no more grass is growing and someone thought it was a good idea to put contemporary art in front of this beautiful chapel. Bad choice, very bad.

Once we where on our way to yet another must-see place, the Cipressi di San Quirico d'Orcia, we found this to be an ever worse place. Some idiot thought it was a great idea to put a statue of art in the middle of the trees.. Ugly and so unnecessary. Take your ugly ‘art’ somewhere rural.

Ok, so our final stop this evening, just before sunset ( I hardly had time to get my tripod out of my pocket), we found this spot, bound to be a great photography place for epic scenery pictures. It finally did not disappoint.

Next time when I am back, I’ll go to explore the area myself and wont stop at the famous instagram places. Man o Man does our need to share places fuck things up in nature/ landscapes. ( and yes, I am also part of it)

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