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Illuminate Medicine Lake

Clouds over a mountainside lake

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Cheryl, I don’t know how I missed this wonderful image, other than I was so taken by with your “Sunrise Frosted tree” image. Illuminate Medicine Lake is Sunrise Frosted Tree’s Black and White equivalent artistically. Moran’s Mountain of the Holy Cross to his Chasm of the Colorado, or Ansel Adams Monolith, the Face of Half Dome and Clearing Winter Storm.

My only criticism of Medicine Lake is with the blacks. They are just too … I’m not totally sure to what ??, too black, too heavy, too much, too Zone 0 ? I just can’t seem to put my finger on it. It could just be something as simple as view this image on a black background, not the optimal color to view any art other unless it’s a velvet painting. While many of us work in post-processing our background is black, when I do a full screen preview it is often anything other than on black, usually middle gray.

A couple of questions, maybe I should have asked earlier. How do you feel about your overall tonality or weight of the image? Have you printed or plan on printing this image. Does the image or do your feelings about this image change due to the shaded/zone of background it’s viewed on?

If I have offended or stepped on your toes that wasn’t my intend and I apologize. Your black and white pieces are the most diverse, and executed on Fstoppers. And Illuminated Medicine Lake is not only your best black and white landscape that holds true for all of the best B&W landscapes I’ve seen on the site so far. (Excluding one or two of mine ;). Just trying to help you achieve the next step to world class.