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2023 Annular Eclipse

After a year of planning and thousands of miles of driving, I photographed the eclipse! I’m so glad the weather decided to cooperate. I think it still hasn’t sunk in that I was able to pull this off, like, my mind is still in the “what if XYZ goes wrong” phase.

To create this composite image, I had two cameras running during the entire duration of the eclipse. One was a wide angle capturing the landscape and position of the sun as it moved across the sky. The other had a 400mm zoom and solar filter on it as it photographed the sun as the moon passed in front of it. I then took several exposures of various points throughout the eclipse, and positioned them in one of the larger landscape shots where they'd actually be seen in the sky from that angle during that time.

Getting to experience the eclipse in this otherworldly moonscape was truly awe inspiring.

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