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alien lover

well, i had somthing missing in the shot to make it interesting.
i had another beauty dish in hand and i said "lets place it behind the model and just see what we'll get.

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Absolutely stunning! Love your use of gels and colors!

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thanx again:))
realy nice to hear:)

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Congratulations on winning Photo of the Day, it is absolutely deserved!

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Amazing !!!

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Wow super interesting lighting and styling!

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thanx shavonne:)

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This is awesome! I love the graphical nature of the image and the use of colors. Excellent work!

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WOW!!! I love this shot! Great concept, lighting, model and color!

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Excellent shot, can't be more perfect. Stunning Art work.

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WOW! thanx everyone for loving this. i realy didnt have any idea untill now:)

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thank you jeremie ...

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Colours are wonderful

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Thanks Greg...