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The remedy

This was a funny story. I had planned to go to Copenhagen and do a nude-shoot with a model I had not met before. I had arranged for a make-up artist to join me as well, but when the day arrived the model backed out and I was left with the make-up artist. We quickly found some clothe, she called a friend of hers and borrowed his outfits and bow, and we went out ourselves instead. Who knows if I would've gotten a shot of this quality of things had gone according to plan.

Always adjust to new circumstances, never be proud! Good things will come from it.

6D canon
85 · f/1.8 · 400 · ISO 200
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Great shot dude, what equipment did you use? and what aperture. I love that background

Hey Sean, as with all my photos I only used my camera :) The aperture was 1.8 on a 85mm

Great work... Yes Sr

Thank you sir!

Roger that ;) And done

Greay sgoot! Where was taken in Copenhagen?

Hey Giovanni :) First of all, thanks for your appreciation!
This was almost taken in Copenhagen, one of the suburbs :) Have you been in Copenhagen?

Thanks James, yes I use to go there for work and enjoy to take street photos there. Unfortunately I have never shoot portraits or people there but I would enjoy. Quality of light is always amazing due to the fact that sun is never too high and in spring and summer one can have many hours per day to shoot in such conditions.

Sounds great :) Been living there for 18 years, it's a nice place :) Many beautiful buildings. And yes, the season is so important in natural light shooting :)

Love this shot!