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Space ship travel

Famous spot in Hong Kong, with a fun tint to make it look even more futuristic. Loved the perspective there.

14mm · f/8.0 · 30s · ISO 160
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very graphic! love the colouring!

Thank you, I did not want to get another shot like the ones I always see of that place so I decided to give it this tint for a change :) Still looks cool, it is such a great spot

On a clear night with the Stars overhead (if the light pollution isn't blocking them) this would be also be a great spot, because you're right it looks like a hanger or something. Would make for a fun photoshop project! Love the perspective.

Thx for the feedback. I've been to HK a few times but never saw the stars, between light pollution and haze. I think it would have to be a composite in Photoshop. Great idea :)