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Front Row Seat

Sometimes all you need is to sit down and enjoy the beautiful view. This is a portrait of my brother, he didnt know i took a picture of him until now, glad he liked it. This is a combination of 4 exposures, 1 for the sky, long exposure for the water and foreground. Post processed in Photoshop.

Fujifilm XT1
ISO 200
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by the way thats Cris, Junior, hehe

Hi sherwin. Do you have any tutorials on editing in photoshop?

Thanks Soopy, but i will be glad to answer if you have any questions.:)

Thanks Sherwin. Well I like how you do your contrast and color in the food shots. When I do my food shots, they come out too colorful and looks kinda fake. I like how your food shots have more natural tone, nice contrast. Can you describe how you get those looks?

Hi Soopy for food i normally do less editing, more on correcting exposure, masking areas i wanted to expose. and minimal adjustment in Selective color, to make the colors i want to pop.