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Lana: Vintage Car

Location glamour photo from a series of model Lana taken at the AZ Shootout where I give a glamour photography workshop. This photo was lit with a combination of strobe and natural light. The setting was an open garage housing a vintage Ford car. The model was in shade from the roof of the garage but I chose to control the lighting with a strobe. The main light on the model was from a Profoto AcuteB head into a medium Plume softbox with the light from the open garage door providing additional fill. The edge light on her cheek and body was from a Sunbounce reflector placed behind the garage and directed thru the open back of the structure. The somewhat unusual construction of the building (with two open sides) allowed me to direct the sharp reflected light for an effective separation light that nicely defined the models cheek and jaw line and adds to the depth of the shot.

140mm · f/4.5 · 1/125s · ISO 100
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