Kim by Roy Rivas
Roy Rivas's picture


June 15, 2015
50mm · f/1.8 · 1/80s · ISO 500
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Chelsey Rogers's picture

great shot - love the light and colors.

Roy Rivas's picture

Thanks so much Chelsey!

This is really beautiful. Her expression is so sad. Really impactful.

Roy Rivas's picture

Thanks a lot Ryan!

This is really unique. well done

Roy Rivas's picture

Thanks so much Lee!

Bryan Dockett's picture

At first glance everything is wrong with this photo then after a couple seconds the magic kicks in and i love it. A true remind why photography is art and the emotions it brings.

I love this. Hits on so many levels - color, emotion, left vs. right, light vs. dark. Even the "OPEN" sign adds a subtle message. If you planned this shot, sir, my hat is off. If not, what good fortune and you have an amazing eye.

Roy Rivas's picture

Thanks so much Jonathan! I actually did plan this shot, This was one of the primary locations for this shoot.