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Car Madness

So...I shot this a little while ago and have had to wait until this weekend for it to be released due to the bands PR company etc. This is a promotional shot for a band I work with frequently called Seething Akira.

We were pushing ideas around in a Facebook group chat and all of a sudden I drew a quick sketch of 5 guys on a car and sent it. They thought it was the best idea they've ever heard haha so we set about bringing it all together and make it happen.

I knew a guy who had a lovely VW Golf 25th Anniversary model and he was more than happy for us to use it for the shoot! Awesome!

So how did I go about shooting this? With my camera on a tripod I started with a shot of the car. I then photographed each member of the band in turn with a 2 light setup. One slightly camera left with a 40" shoot thru umbrella and another behind the subjects to emulate the sun behind them.

My lights were Nikon SB-900 and SB-26.

I really wanted to make sure we shot everyone on the car and not composite them onto it so I could capture all natural shadows and reflections.

The next stage was to import all photos into Lightroom and choose what I refer to as "the keepers" to work with. After a few little tweaks here and there in Lightroom I export all my chosen captures into layers in Photoshop.

Road, sky and dust were stock images.

Every time I look at it I laugh. Not sure who my favourite is in the picture but I do like the driver sticking his head out the window haha.

Who's yours?

Nikon D7000
18mm · f/8.0 · 1/125s · ISO 400
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Love it! Great shot

Thanks Chuck!

Love how this turned out!

Excellent !!!!!!!!

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