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bike lighting

A good friend bike build complete= photo time
Took this last night on a really good friends bike build he has just finish, Had done a few different shots detailed,pano's,him on the bike, and I had in mind I really wanted to get a "low key" styled shot but everything I try with flashgun and defusers didn't do what I want so I went for a "light painting" shot with a head touch for about 25sec. I was happy with how it came out (given i'm pretty useless in post skills)

11mm · f/14.0 · 25s · ISO 100
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Looks awesome to me. I'm in the same boat with my post skills, so i try to do everything I can on camera. My only suggestion would be maybe a little more light on back of seat and handlebars? Otherwise, cool shot and great bike!

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Thanks Scott, Ahh post work "gotta love it" I'm getting better just the more I get into editing the more you realize how big / important it is to be REALLY good at it!! thanks a lot for the CC, tho my friend has sold it now! and on to the next one :) So I will try again on the next one ;-)