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Texas Chicken Melt

When I heard about this sandwich I really wanted a rustic look to match the nature of the food. I've been looking around at a lot of different sandwich and burger shots for inspiration, and finally I settled for a warm window light. Of course there are no windows anywhere near where the studio is. So, learning to create window light as been a great challenge, and feel like this is the closet I've gotten to yet.

These two images where created with the Canon 5D Mark II using a 10mm Macro II. Love this lens its so sharp. One day I will make the Ziess 50mm Macro a home in my bag and it will become my go to food lens. I rented it for a shoot once before and its out of this world!!! Oh! The lights! Speedotron lights where used. They are, I suspect, about as old as I am.

Canon 100mm Macro · f/8 · 1/125 · ISO 200
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