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Washington Island Sunset

Washington Island's rocky beaches offer spectacular sunsets.

17mm · f/13.0 · 155.4s · ISO 800
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Dig the color in the sky!

Beautiful shot!
Blended exposures or GND filter?

What made you decide to keep the ISO up at 800 rather than just lengthen the exposure?

I was shooting with the Lee Big stopper, and lee hard grads. I went with f/13 to get more DOF, and did not want to have a 10+ minute exposure, so, bumped ISO up to 800 to get 2.5 minutes. The Big Stopper is great, but sometimes the exposure times get too long.

excellent...thanks for the explanation.
I have not used a filter like that before...is that so you can lengthen out the exposure to totally smooth out the water?

Exactly. At 2.5 minutes, the water is completely smooth.The clouds also start to show motion blur, especially at the top of the frame with the clouds overhead.

I feel that Grad NDs are one of the best gear purchases I have made for landscape photography. Blending multiple exposures works, but I prefer to try to get as close as I can in Camera. With the grads I can usually get to my final image with one or two raw files.

The Big Stopper has also opened the door to be able to get some really long exposures which I absolutely love. The Big Stopper + grads are definitely my go to set up for many situations.