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I shot this. this recent Sunday. I had only a 12 minute window of that last splash of sunset here in Denver. I'm happy about the results. I had help. My assistant stood by at the ready with the reflector. Even though we didnt need it. My favorite part is the sky.

5D Mark II
50mm · f/2.0
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wow. really cool shot

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Thank you.

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ha thanks Savi

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I would say next time just use the reflector so not so much of the sky is blown out. The eyes move to the brightest part of the image, in this case all the white in the sky. I actually looked there first, realized there was nothing interesting there, then moved to the subject (girl). If you have a reflector at the ready, use it to bring down the over exposed parts of the scene. Otherwise, great model, great lifestyle pose, great angle, great choice of location that mates well with the model's clothes as well.

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I appreciate the CC!
Thanks for the compliments!

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Great shot Junior

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thanks Jeff!

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Where that 6th star at?!

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Catching the light bounce off the wall onto her is great. Nice work!

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thanks JAZZMAN8

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great shot junior :)

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thanks Cam ;)

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Nice light!